Why StatesCard

What is a Virtual US Card and How Does it Work?

Let’s face it. It’s not fair that a person in another country isn’t able to enjoy certain movies, games, TV shows and more, just because of where they live. We live in a world where everyone espouses equality for all, yet some people can’t watch premium content online? It’s ridiculous, when you think about it.

While it’s understandable that streaming companies have a right to protect themselves against fraud, it’s not fair that you can’t enjoy the same content as your neighbor with a debit card billing address in the US. After all, it’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything that deserves you to be blocked from the latest new movie releases, the best online games and most popular TV show episodes.

A virtual US card like the StatesCard virtual US card gives you back your right to enjoy premium online content, no matter where you live. With the help of a StatesCard virtual US card, you can play, watch and stream all the best content from top streaming providers like Google Play Store, ESPN+, HBO Max and more.

Whether you want to enjoy the best streaming services on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC, the choice should be yours; and the choice is yours, with a StatesCard virtual US card. The StatesCard virtual US card puts the power back in your hands, to enjoy streaming services from anywhere in the world.

A virtual US card isn’t a standard payment card. One of the most common questions people ask about the StatesCard virtual US card is how they will receive it, and how long it takes to ship. This makes sense, because most debit cards do get shipped to the customer. But the StatesCard virtual US card is different.

This is a virtual debit card, meaning there is no card to ship. Once you sign up for the StatesCard virtual US card, pay the activation and first month fees and load it with funds, you can start using it right away. It’s a virtual card because you are simply provided with all the details of the card to enable you to pay for US online services like the ones we mentioned above, plus many others.

Within minutes of signing up, you’ll be able to use your StatesCard virtual US card to pay for online services. This includes online services that require a US billing address. The StatesCard virtual US card was made to help people in other countries to access premium online content that was previously unavailable to them due to territorial restrictions.

The StatesCard virtual US card works like a charm. Within minutes after signing up and paying the initial fees, you’ll be able to load the virtual card with your own money using your PayPal account, credit card or bank account. It doesn’t matter if your PayPal account is based in another country, or if your credit card billing address is in another country other than the US. The online services companies you subscribe to won’t know how you funded your StatesCard virtual US debit card. They only see that you have funds available to buy their services. Most importantly, they see that the billing address for the StatesCard virtual US debit card is located in the US.  With sufficient funding, you can enjoy the online services like AppleTV+, Hulu and others that you have previously been missing out on!

You may be wondering about that US billing address. But you don’t have to worry, because your new StatesCard virtual US debit card isn’t going to be mailed out to some address in the US where you can never get it. Remember, this is a virtual card. No physical card is mailed, because no physical card is created. The StatesCard virtual US card is simply a dedicated debit card account number that is issued to you.

No other person shares the same number with you. It’s your personal debit card number for your use only. It looks just like a regular debit card number, with an expiration date. It even has a three-digit CVV code, just like a regular debit or credit card. But this one is completely virtual. All you need are the numbers, plus that awesome US billing address, which will all be provided to you after you sign up and pay the initial issuing fee and first month of service.

After that, you simply load the card with your own money, using your credit card, PayPal account or bank account. The amount you load onto your StatesCard virtual US card is up to you. Just make sure you keep enough money loaded onto it so that your streaming service isn’t interrupted when the next billing cycle takes place.

After you’ve purchased and loaded your StatesCard virtual US card, the next step is choosing how you’ll use it. You can use the StatesCard virtual US card for lots of different online services. Customers of the StatesCard have successfully used their virtual debit card with iTunes, Google Play, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime and lots more.

The StatesCard virtual US card is a real game changer for lots of people around the world. With this virtual debit card, you no longer have to lose out on some of the best streaming services and online content that’s produced. You and your loved ones can easily enjoy the streaming services that are the most valuable to your household, whether it’s the latest children’s TV series on Disney+, the hottest football games on ESPN+, or the newest releases on Hulu. You just pay like you regularly would for the streaming service. When they ask for your payment card, you provide the information from your StatesCard virtual US card, and enter the US billing address that we provide to you. It’s as simple as that. Next thing you know, you’ll be sitting back in your corner of the world, enjoying the best online content with your family.

Why do I Need a Virtual US Card?

A virtual US card is the best way to get access to all your favorite US based digital services, including HBO Max, ESPN+, AppleTV+, and loads more. StatesCard enables people anywhere in the world to access streaming services that block subscribers who don’t have a US billing address associated with their payment card.

If you aren’t sure why you need a virtual US card, you should know that most—if not all—US streaming services simply aren’t available to people without a US billing address. So even if you sign up for an account with a service such as Sling or Hulu, you won’t be able to pay for the service. The transaction will be blocked if your billing address is anything but a US based address. However, by using a StatesCard virtual US card, you’ll have that all-important US billing address, and you’ll be free to enjoy your favorite streaming services.

A virtual US card isn't just for streaming services, either. You can use the card at online merchants like Amazon, Macy's Best Buy, Target and any other retail store that accepts prepaid cards on their online storefront. You no longer have to be confined to paying your local prices for merchandise. Instead, you could pay less by buying online with US retailers instead of at a local store where the markup is significant.

This is a virtual debit card, meaning there is no card to ship. Once you sign up for the StatesCard virtual US card, pay the activation and first month fees and load it with funds, you can start using it right away. It’s a virtual card because you are simply provided with all the details of the card to enable you to pay for US online services like the ones we mentioned above, plus many others.

Use your virtual US prepaid card at US app stores like Google Play Store and the Apple App store, where you can buy online games, apps and other goodies that are only available for purchase with a payment card that has a US based address.

Issue Country Requirements

When you get a debit card in your country of residence, it’s linked to your bank account, which is also based on your country of residence. The issuing card company will be in the same country as wherever you live. So if you live in Iceland, for instance, your card issuer will have an address in Iceland.

For companies based in the US, this card would not be accepted for payment. Even though it doesn’t seem fair—and it isn’t fair—the issuing country where the card was issued is inextricably linked to that debit card. When you go to pay, the transaction will be declined, simply because the issuing country is outside the United States.

This means that if you have only a debt card or credit card issued by a company in your country of residence, you won’t be able to enjoy the same premium digital services that are enjoyed by people who live in the United States.

Billing Address Requirements

Another issue for people with credit and debit cards issued in countries other than the United States is the billing address requirement. Digital services companies that are based in the US typically require their customers to only use certain payment methods. That payment method must be a card that has a billing address in the US.

This is the way that US based streaming companies use to ensure that their content is only being viewed or enjoyed by US residents. They have many reasons for doing this, which have been outlined previously. Whether or not this is fair to others, who don’t live in the US, is debatable.

But one thing is clear. You need to have a virtual US card, with a billing address in the US, if you want to enjoy a whole host of premium US based streaming services and gaming services like Google Play, Sling, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more. There’s simply no way to get the payment transaction to go through with these companies unless you have a US billing address linked to your payment card.

When you attempt to pay for any US based digital service, they will run the card details you provide. One of the things they check for is that the billing address is in the US. This confirms that the card issuer is US based, and it also confirms that the card user is US based. If you don’t have a US address linked to your payment card, the transaction will be declined, and you won’t be able to become a subscriber.


Yet another reason why you need a virtual US card is anonymity. Look, what you do online is your business, as long as you’re not breaking any laws. Everyone should have a right to enjoy online services without having Big Brother looking over their shoulder. We shouldn’t be judged on what movies and TV shows we watch, what our favorite sports teams are, or what news we choose to watch. If you want to spend all day playing a certain online video game, that’s your business.

Unfortunately, online activity is prone to oversight. There are certain entities and agencies in the world that think it’s their business to judge what others are doing online; in particular what streaming services are being purchased, and by whom.

Your anonymity is being compromised if you don’t use a virtual US card. Even your own payment card issuing company keeps tabs on what you buy. Pretty scary, right? But if you have a virtual US card, you take back the power of your own right to privacy. A virtual US card gives you the anonymity that you rightfully deserve. No one will stop you from viewing content from US based streaming services and no one will be able to track your purchase back to you. With a virtual US card, your anonymity is preserved.

In fact, the anonymity benefit of using the StatesCard virtual US card is so enticing that even some US-based citizens use it! That’s right. Even people who live in the US, who wouldn’t have any trouble using their own bank debit card to buy streaming services, often choose to use the StatesCard virtual US card instead.

The US based address has nothing to do with where you live, so it can’t be traced back to your home or to you as an individual. It allows you to remain anonymous, like life should be. If you choose to remain anonymous, that’s your right, and the StatesCard virtual US card gives you back that freedom. So whether you actually do live outside the US, or you live in the US and want the anonymity that comes with using the StatesCard virtual US card, this is the card that will provide that level of anonymity that you crave for yourself and your family.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual US Card

The world is smaller than ever before. Every day, people are able to access more online services from around the globe, from wherever they live. This globalization enriches the lives of everyone, breaks down barriers and increases our understanding of different cultures.

At the same time, heightened awareness of new online risks are causing some companies to take protective measures. Unfortunately, certain bad actors have made it harder for the rest of us to access innocent online entertainment from some streaming services. These bad actors may have various motives for trying to cause harm or defraud online companies. It really doesn’t matter why they do what they do. What matters is the resulting harm that they’ve caused to innocent people around the world who just want to access high quality online services.

In particular, some of the most popular gaming, software and app services have put barriers in place that block residents of some countries from making legitimate online purchases. This practice has been put into place for seemingly good reasons; to prevent fraud. However, the result is that people with no intention to defraud have been blocked from enjoying the same enriching gaming, entertainment and other online services as those who are based in the US.

Many of the most popular streaming services and online retailers require their customers to be residents of the US. This may not seem fair to those who don’t live in the US, but it is nevertheless part of the requirements for many streaming and gaming services and online merchants. In fact, it’s the number one reason why people in other countries outside the US can’t enjoy certain streaming movies and games and competitive online pricing. While it may be free to create an account with these streaming giants, once a person tries to sign up with a payment card outside the US, the transaction is blocked. The reason? Because the billing address is not in the US.

The answer is to get a StatesCard virtual US card. With this valuable card, you can enjoy online streaming services and great online shopping in the comfort of your own home, wherever you live in the entire world! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your virtual US card.

Keep Your Number Safe

You should protect your virtual Visa card number just like you would protect any other payment card in your wallet. The card number and other identifying information can be used by anyone with that info, so be sure to keep it away from prying eyes. Just treat it like any other payment method you use, and you should be fine.

Use a Secure Connection

When making online payments, ensure you're using a secure and trusted network or website. Look for security indicators like the padlock symbol in your browser's address bar to confirm the website's legitimacy. Remember, just because a company is US based, doesn’t mean it’s always legit. A good rule of thumb is to confine your purchases to well-known companies like Hulu, Google Play Store, Peacock, Apple TV+, and famous retailers like Target, Macy’s, Amazon and similar. There are too many to mention here, but you get the idea.

Save Money

One big benefit of being able to buy online from US based companies is the amount of money you can save. Every time you consider buying something locally, consider whether you might be able to get a better price online from a US based company. For instance, if you live in Canada, you might find a better price online for things you see in your local stores. Take a minute to price compare and use your virtual debit card often to save money by buying online.

Leverage Versatility

Your virtual Visa card with a US based address isn’t just great for streaming services with Amazon Prime, Sling and more. You can also use it for subscription-based content that is behind a paywall. This includes things like news outlets, information sites, business newsletter subscriptions and more. It’s not fair that many of these online content providers limit their content to subscribers with a US billing address. When you have a StatesCard virtual card, you can leverage your purchasing power to get past those barriers.

Enjoy Better Budgeting

Because your virtual debit card is funded by money you already have, there’s no danger of getting into debt over your head. You’re always in control of how much money you load onto your card, and you’ll never spend more than you can actually afford. In a world where personal debt is strangling so many households, a virtual Visa debit card is a powerful tool to help maintain a healthy budget and control your spending habits.

In today's digital age, virtual US cards like the StatesCard have become a versatile and convenient financial tool for people around the world. These cards enable you to make online transactions, access US based services and products, and even enjoy the benefits of cashless payments.

The Benefits of Using a Virtual US Prepaid Card

A virtual US prepaid card offers a wide range of benefits for people in a variety of situations.

No Credit Check Required

If you’re a person with less than ideal credit, you’ll love the fact that there is no credit check required with a virtual US prepaid card from StatesCard. It doesn’t matter what your credit history is, and it doesn’t matter if you have a low credit score. Everyone qualifies for a StatesCard virtual US prepaid card!

Does Not Require a Bank Account

You don’t even need a bank account to qualify or fund your StatesCard virtual US prepaid card. You can fund the card with your PayPal account or credit card instead. For anyone who has been turned down for a bank account, this is an exceptional benefit, because a bank account is not required to get a virtual US prepaid card. Note that you can load your virtual debit card with a bank account if you choose to, but you don’t have to.

Get Your Card in Minutes

It’s awful when you get approved for a bank card, only to find out that you have to wait weeks for it to arrive in the mail. But with a StatesCard virtual US prepaid card, there’s no waiting. Because it’s a virtual card, you get your card details in minutes, and can begin using it immediately after you’ve loaded funds onto it.

Load Funds and Top Up Instantly

With a typical credit card, you make a payment, and then have to wait days for the payment to post. In the meantime, you might not have enough credit to spend on the card. But with a StatesCard virtual US prepaid card, you can load funds or top up instantly. In a matter of seconds, your funds are available to spend.

No Sales Transaction Fees

Sales transaction fees are fees that are often charged by other virtual card companies for every purchase made with the card. But the virtual US prepaid card from StatesCard doesn’t charge any sales transaction fees, leaving you with just a bit more money to spend on your favorite streaming services!

What Can I Do With A Virtual US Card?

The StatesCard virtual US card is a powerful payment option that gives you access to a bounty of online content, no matter where you live in the world. This is such a powerful tool that’s useful for digital nomads, world travelers, expats and simply people who live elsewhere than the United States. There are so many things you can do with a virtual US card, including:

Pay For Streaming

Streaming services make the internet so much richer and full of unique content. From watching a live-action fight taking place in Madison Square Gardens on ESPN+, to cheering for your favorite footballer on a soccer pitch in Madrid, to playing a competitive FIFA match with your best buds from your sofa in the Netherlands on Amazon Prime Video; a virtual US card makes it all possible. Who says that only US residents should be able to stream new release movies on Peacock and television shows on Sling? Level the playing field with a StatesCard virtual US card and enjoy the best of what's on offer from streaming services like HBO Max, Hulu, Sling and many more!

Access US App Stores

US app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play will only allow customers to sign up and pay for their content via a US card with a US billing address. Their reasons for this might make sense for them, but it makes it unfair for the rest of the population that don't reside in the US. Instead of having your transaction denied, use the StatesCard virtual prepaid card to get all the best apps for your phone, tablet, PC or laptop, even if you live outside the United States. Never miss out on your favorite downloads again.

Access US Gaming Stores

Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and other gaming devices offer loads of high quality games online. Today, you don’t need to have physical game discs anymore in order to play games like Sonic, Mario Brothers, Star Wars and other exciting games. But you still can't get access to many of the digitized versions without a debit card with a US based address. That's not even the worst part, though.The US versions of these digital game stores are often cheaper than the price you'd pay in your own country down at the local store. For example, if you buy a game online, it's likely that you'll pay a significant amount less than if you buy the same game locally. That's not fair at all, which is why you need a StatesCard virtual debit card right now! With a virtual debit card linked to a US billing address, you'll be able to get the best available online pricing.

Get Around US-Only Payment Requirements

Even though we are in a global economy, a world where people can choose to live where they want, on their own terms, there are still blocks in place that make things challenging. This is especially true with online platforms like Twitter, Facebook Google Ads and others. Some services consider it risky to do business with users outside the US who don’t have a US-issued payment method. For cases like this, having a virtual US card like the one from StatesCard, is a must.

How do I Use a Virtual US Card Like StatesCard?

You would use a virtual US card just like a regular payment card. The only difference is that you would never be able to use it in person, because there’s no physical card to “swipe.” There’s no magnetic stripe to run through a machine in person at a grocery store or brick and mortar retail outlet, because there’s no card in your wallet.

In many ways, it’s a good idea to use a virtual US credit card for non residents like this, because there’s no plastic. For people who are sensitive to the needs of the environment, pollution and not using up natural resources, a virtual card is the better option simply because it isn’t made of plastic. Having said all that, here is how to use a virtual US card:

Once you have a virtual US based debit card with a US address, the available streaming options really open up to you.

  1. First, choose a digital services provider that you want to subscribe to. There are lots of options too numerous to list here. For ideas, you can visit the StatesCard website.
  2. After making sure that your virtual Visa debit card has sufficient funds loaded onto it, go ahead and sign up for a streaming services account.
  3. When you get to the payment method section, you’ll enter the virtual Visa card number that was provided to you by StatesCard. Double-check the number to be sure you entered it correctly.
  4. Next, it will ask for the expiration month and year, which you should enter using the information given to you by StatesCard when you signed up for your virtual prepaid card.
  5. Next, enter the three-digit code that StatesCard gave you.
  6. Finally, the streaming service will ask you for your billing address. This is where your new US virtual card really pays off. Instead of using an address from the country where you live, you can enter the US billing address in Delaware that you got when you signed up for your StatesCard account. Enter the fields exactly as requested, including the zip code and country. Delaware is abbreviated with two letters, DE, so if you have only two letters to enter, you want to enter DE for Delaware.

Essentially, that’s the whole process! Once you hit enter, the streaming service will verify that your card is issued by a US based company, and that you have a US based billing address. The monies will be charged from your debit card balance, and you’ll be free to enjoy the streaming services that you and your family love most!

How Much Does StatesCard Cost?

StatesCard is one of the best US credit card for non US residents to use because it doesn’t cost a lot as far as fees. Unlike some other virtual cards for non US residents, StatesCard strives to keep costs as low as possible for its customers. Here’s a breakdown of how much StatesCard costs:

One of the best features of choosing StatesCard when you want to get USA credit card for being digital services is their policy about transparent pricing. This is a company that doesn’t believe in hidden charges. Everything is printed in black and white, available right there on the StatesCard website for anyone to read and understand. It’s all broken down into different categories, making it very simple to comprehend.

One Time Issuing Fee

When you sign up for StatesCard, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $14.99. This is a fee that you’ll pay once and never again. It’s basically a fee to get the account, virtual debit card assignment and US billing address.

Monthly Fee

This is a recurring fee of $3.95 that you’ll pay each month to continue using your StatesCard virtual debit card. It will be billed automatically, so you don’t have to remember when to pay it each month.

Load Fees

It’s important to note that load fees are not charged by StatesCard. If it were up to StatesCard, you wouldn’t be paying any load fee at all! Unfortunately, other financial institutions charge a load fee, which must be passed on to you. Here’s a breakdown of the load fees, depending on how you choose to fund your US virtual card:

Credit Card and PayPal Funds Transfers:

  • Credit Card: 7.5% + .30 per transaction
  • PayPal: 8.5% + .30 per transaction

Direct Bank Funds Transfers:

  • Bancontact: 4.4% + .30 per transaction
  • EPS: 4.6% + .30 per transaction
  • Giropay: 4.4% + .30 per transaction
  • iDEAL: 3% + .30 per transaction
  • Przelewy24: 5.2% + .30 per transaction
  • Sofort: 4.4% + .30 per transaction

(Note that all the amounts shown above are shown in US currency.)

One of the best ways to save time is to top up your virtual card for non US residents with as much money as possible. That way, you aren’t paying load fees as often, and you can better track how much you’re spending, plus spend less time loading and more time streaming your favorite games and online entertainment!

Step-by-Step Guide to Signing Up For StatesCard

The StatesCard website is user-intuitive. They make it very easy for anyone to sign up for StatesCard!

  1. First, sign up for a virtual prepaid US card with StatesCard. StatesCard offers a reliable platform where non US residents can go through the entire process online, without any hassles. There are no requirements such as having good credit, or an existing bank account. So the first step to using a virtual Visa card for streaming HBO outside US and other entertainment streaming services is to sign up with StatesCard.
  2. This next part of the process includes the loading of actual funds to the card, where you can choose how much to load onto the card. This step takes care of paying for everything. The amount of funds you choose to load plus a $14.99 one-time fee plus a nominal load fee.
  3. After you sign up and pay, you'll get your card details and your funds on it right after your first payment. StatesCard will provide you with a US virtual card number, an expiration date and a three-digit CVS code. The three-digit code is just like the kind found on the back of a traditional debit or USA credit card. Note that digital service providers will ask for that three-digit code during the checkout process.
  4. StatesCard will also give you a billing address that’s linked to your new US virtual card. This US billing address is the “magic ingredient” that will allow you to subscribe to US based streaming services. It gives the streaming companies the assurance they need to know that the prepaid US card was issued in the US.

Once you have loaded money onto your StatesCard virtual Visa card, you’re ready to buy online services with it. And that’s it! That’s how to sign up for your new virtual US card from StatesCard!

What are you waiting for? The StatesCard prepaid Visa card is available to non residents of the US and US residents. Sign up today to get started!