What is StatesCard and How Can I Use it For US Streaming?

In this ultimate guide to streaming with StatesCard, you’ll learn all about the benefits of using StatesCard for your streaming needs. You’ll learn what a virtual US card is, why you need one, how to use it for US streaming and everything else you need to know about it.

What is StatesCard?

StatesCard is a virtual payment card that you can use to access streaming services from US companies. StatesCard works just like a regular debit card, and you get a US billing address that goes with your assigned card number.  Upon payment, the company issues you a virtual debit card that you can then use to pay for popular US streaming services. You can then watch your favorite movies, TV shows, sports games on your device while abroad. The service is available to both US residents traveling overseas and foreigners who live in countries that are typically blocked from US streaming services.|

What is a Virtual US Card?

If you’ve ever been approved for a credit card and had to wait weeks while the card arrives in the mail, you know how frustrating it can be. You know you’re approved, and you know you have a certain credit line, but you can’t use it until the card arrives. A virtual US card solves that problem and more.

The virtual US card from StatesCard is a debit payment card that is digital only. In other words, it’s virtual. When you load your funds and pay for the card, you get access to the debit card within seconds. There’s no waiting for weeks by the mailbox, waiting for the post to arrive.

Why Do I Need a US Card For Streaming?

The StatesCard US debit card fulfills an important need. When residents of countries other than the US try to purchase US streaming services, they run into a problem. Unless the billing address is a US address, the payment will be declined. This prevents people all over the world from accessing the most popular streaming services.

Unfortunately, US streaming companies have decided—for their own reasons—that their online content should only be available to residents of the US. Ironically, even US residents who signed up for streaming services in the US may be blocked from content once they travel out of the country. For example, if you are a US resident with a Prime subscription, you will be unable to access the vast majority of the Prime streaming content library from abroad. The fairness of this can be debated, but the fact remains; a US card for streaming solves this problem. With a StatesCard US Visa debit card, you can enjoy the best streaming services while in another country.

Do I Need a VPN to Pay For Streaming And to Watch It?

One of the most frequently asked questions about accessing streaming services using StatesCard has to do with a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network. This is comprised of a virtual connection that bridges your computer with a remote server. VPN services offer a kind of tunnel that encrypts your data from end-to-end.

For the purposes of your streaming US movies, shows and sports events while abroad, this level of privacy masks your IP address. Your IP address is the Internet Protocol address, which would give the US-based streaming service information about your whereabouts. But when you use a VPN to sign up and pay for your streaming service and to watch the content, the US-based streaming company has no reason to block your content.

The VPN will offer you a choice of cities or regions of the US when you log into their service, which is separate from the service that StatesCard offers. You’ll be able to choose from various locations based on where the VPN has server stations. As long as you choose one that’s in the US, you’re good to go.

Just remember that you’ll need to turn on your VPN service before logging in to watch your US-based streaming service, even when your subscription is completely paid up. This is because it’s another layer of protection to ensure that you have access to all of the US-based content that you paid for when you signed up for the streaming service using your virtual US payment card.

You’ll be using your VPN to watch hours of content. This is why we recommend paying for a VPN service that offers unlimited data. We wouldn’t want your viewing to be throttled because your VPN bandwidth has run out! Thankfully, VPN services are extremely affordable, and it’s a service that goes hand-in-hand with your StatesCard service. Use StatesCard to purchase and pay for your US based streaming services. Use a VPN to sign up and pay for streaming as well as for watching your streamed content.

Which American Streaming Services Can I Pay For With StatesCard?

With StatesCard, you can enjoy premium US streaming services, including—but not limited to—those listed below. For example:


You might recognize the name of HBO Max, but not Max. HBO Max just shortened their name to Max to make it easier for people to remember. But whether you refer to it as HBO Max or Max, you’ll still be able to stream both new releases and classic movies. Examples include the original blockbuster movie Poltergeist,  Don’t Worry Darling, Justice League Warworld, Flash and tons more.

How to Stream Max (HBO Max) outside the USA


Like some other successful streaming services, Hulu has begun producing their own original content. One of the most popular Hulu series to date is Only Murders in the Building, starring the legendary Steve Martin and Martin Short. The show and its stars, including Selena Gomez, have won awards like the People Choice Award, Satellite Award and Primetime Creative Arts Award. You’ll be able to watch this and much more with StatesCard and Hulu.

How to Stream Hulu outside the USA


One of the most popular US streaming services, Peacock offers not only hit movies and TV shows, but live sports. Follow The Real Housewives, rewatch the hit show Scrubs, and enjoy Peacock originals like The Continental, Twisted Metal and more, all with the help of a virtual debit card from StatesCard. Do you enjoy US football action? Cheer for your favorite team on Sunday Night Football, from anywhere in the world with your StatesCard. It’s like you’re in the stands, but better!

How to Stream Peacock outside the USA

US Prime Video

As mentioned, US Prime Video blocks a large portion of their content from overseas audiences. Although they may have to do this for their own reasons, it makes it very frustrating for US citizens abroad who want to enjoy the full benefits of their Prime subscription. Of course, even if you aren’t a US citizen, you can enjoy Prime Video streaming services with your StatesCard virtual Visa card. Enjoy epic movies like the Lord of the Rings movies and more.


Discovery+ is a streaming channel geared for those who are curious about the world. Recently, they released the incredibly popular series, Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy. It’s an orgy for the eyes, with mouthwatering foods and endless gorgeous vistas. And with subscriptions on Discovery+ as affordable as they are, millions of people all over the US are enjoying this show, as well as the irreverent show, Jackass, Shark Week and much more. Of course, with a StatesCard, you could be taking all this in, too!


Paramount+ is another extremely popular US streaming service available with StatesCard. Enjoy TV shows like South Park, movies like Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick, and, lest we forget, the long-awaited return of Kelsey Grammar in the new Frasier series. Seriously, do you want to be the only person in your circle of friends who hasn’t caught the latest episodes? If TV shows and movies aren’t your thing, catch all the live action sports you can handle with Paramount+, like the NFL, Champions League, and much more!

Of course, this is only the beginning of the streaming services with StatesCard you can enjoy. Take a look at this list of US-only streaming services that you can access when you sign up for your US virtual card today!

  • Sling
  • Showtime
  • ESPN+
  • Disney+
  • Philo
  • AMC+
  • Shudder
  • Pandora
  • Qobuz
  • And much more!

Step-by-Step Guide To US Streaming With StatesCard

Streaming with StatesCard couldn’t be easier. The company strives to make everything crystal clear, especially since they are very aware that many people who use their services are non-native English speakers.

The process is very straightforward and seamless, making it very easy to get the payment processing out of the way and get busy watching your favorite US streaming services, even when you live or are traveling outside of the United States.

Here is a step-by-step guide to US streaming with StatesCard:

  1. The first thing you want to do when you get to the home page is register. This gives you an account that you can return to whenever you want information about your virtual debit card.
  2. Next, go ahead and load the funds. You can load using your bank account, PayPal account or a credit or debit card. Don’t worry if any of these are not US-based. That’s the whole point. You can load your US virtual card with a non-US-based funds, and still get to enjoy the US-based streaming services!
  3. Next, connect to your VPN. This is just another layer of protection so that streaming services don’t need to know your exact location in the world.
  4. Next, visit the streaming services provider you’re interested in, whether it’s Paramount+, Hulu or another one. Go through their steps for signing up for their services.
  5. When it comes to the step where you enter your payment method, enter your StatesCard details. Be sure to use the US address that was provided for use with your card. This is the key to being recognized as a US-based individual. Remember, don’t use your actual billing or mailing address. Use the US-based address in Delaware that StatesCard gave you.
  6. Finally, sit back and enjoy your US streaming services with StatesCard! You’ll now be able to enjoy all the US streaming movies, TV shows, live sports games and much more!
  7. Going forward, remember to top up your StatesCard so that you can enjoy US streaming services uninterrupted. A good idea is to make a note in your calendar of your next billing date, so you can be sure the that automatic renewal goes through without a hitch.
  8. If, for any reason, your streaming subscription ends because of a lack of available funds, you may have to enter your card payment details and billing address again, after topping up your StatesCard. If you forget any of the details about how to do this, just consult this guide. The US billing address is actually posted on the StatesCard website, too, so there’s no worry about not being able to find this billing address when you need it.
  9. Finally, you can use your StatesCard US virtual card with multiple streaming services, all at the same time. You don’t have to pick and choose. Your choices are limited only by your own preferences and personal budget.

So enjoy your US-based streaming services using StatesCard and watch all the best movies, television shows and games as much as you want!