Get a digital US prepaid Visa card for use in the US Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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US Apps & Streaming

Get thousands of exclusive US apps only available on the US version of the App Store and Google Play.

Works with: Max (HBO Max), Hulu, ESPN+, Peacock, Paramount+, US Prime Video and so many more!

Apple/Google Play

Pay for your favorite US services or in-app purchases by adding StatesCard to your US Google or Apple account.

Works with US App Store and US Google Play Store

Digital Game Stores

Purchase from the US versions of digital game stores. Access US-exclusive content and better pricing on the US stores.

Works with US Playstation store, US Nintendo eShop, US Microsoft/Xbox store and more!

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3. Spend

Add your virtual US prepaid card to your US app store account and start making payments!

2. Top Up

Load funds for the first time, get your virtual US card and the included US address.

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