Visiting The U.S.?

Having Trouble Paying For Digital Products & Services?

Use The StatesCard Virtual Prepaid Visa

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Easy to Use

Get your card in minutes. Access your card and transaction online

U.S. Visa Card

Pay for online services and shop where a U.S. card is required

Simple Pricing

$3.95 a month, $14.95 one time membership fee

Instant Loads

Fund your card instantly with credit card or PayPal

Start using your new card in minutes!

Designed for Online Shopping at U.S. Stores

StatesCard works with online services and stores that require a U.S. card.

Convenient Funding Options

Load money into your account instantly with PayPal or Credit Card.

Simple Pricing

A $3.95 monthly fee and a one time membership fee of $14.95. No hidden or confusing charges.

PayPal and credit card processors deduct 5% to 6.5% before passing the money to your StatesCard account.

Get StatesCard in Minutes

Getting your StatesCard is fast and easy:

  • Provide your driver license or passport to confirm your identity
  • Load funds with your credit card or PayPal account
  • Start using your StatesCard
  • No credit check required

Safe for Online Purchases

The security of your personal information and data is critical important to us. We are held to the same rigorous security standards as your bank.

Start using your new card in minutes!