Pay for US Streaming Services, App Stores, Games and Downloads from Anywhere

Available to customers worldwide – StatesCard is a virtual prepaid card that works with all US services and comes with a US billing address

Easy to Use
Get your card in minutes. Access your card and transaction online
US Prepaid Card
Pay for online services where a U.S. card or billing address is required
Simple Pricing
$3.95 a month, $16.99 one time card issuing fee
Fund Instantly
Fund your card instantly with credit card or PayPal

Pay For US Online Service

American streaming services such as Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Sling and more as well as iTunes and Google Play which require a US card with a US billing address.

I have been looking for something like StatesCard for years. The old way of buying expensive Hulu gift cards every 3 months, only to turn around and have them not work is over!

- Jeremy P (Canada)

I found statescard through my VPN to pay for US amazon prime. Within 10 minutes I was able to pay for prime with a a working US billing address.

- Muhammad V (UAE)

Since HBO now and Hulu don’t work in Iceland, StatesCard was the only simple option to pay for these services. Paired with my VPN everything worked perfectly.

- Gunnar E (Iceland)

Convenient Funding Options

Load money into your account instantly with PayPal or Credit Card.

Start using your new card in minutes!

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Simple Pricing

A $3.95 monthly fee and a one time card creation fee of $16.99. No hidden or confusing charges.

We pass a credit card or PayPal load fee on to you.

Get StatesCard in Minutes

Getting your StatesCard is fast and easy:

  • Provide your driver license, National ID or passport from your country to confirm your identity
  • Load funds with your credit card or PayPal account
  • Start using your StatesCard
  • No credit check required

Safe for Online Purchases

The security of your personal information and data is critically important to us. We are held to the same rigorous security standards as your bank.


How long does a new StatesCard take to be issued?

Most customers end up getting access to their cards as soon as they have loaded funds for the first time. Make sure to give accurate information during sign up to be approved instantly!

Do I need a VPN to make purchases with StatesCard?

We always recommend using a VPN when paying to US sellers or services.

Most US sellers and services check for geo-location to help them identify fraud. If they see a mismatch between the cards country (US) and the geo-location of the user it may decline the payment.

Can I use StatesCard with money transfer or cryptocurrency services?

No you cannot - StatesCard will not work with money transfer service or cryptocurrency exchanges due to potential fraud risks involved with those services. Using the card for any crypto related payments is against our policy and will not be tolerated.

Will StatesCard work for all payments or sellers?

StatesCard will work with with any seller that accepts pre-paid debit cards as a payment method. We recommend getting in touch with the seller to confirm this before trying to pay with your StatesCard.

Check out our quick guide on services we've confirmed do not accept pre-paid cards and a potential workaround.

Any other questions? Check out our knowledgebase or send us an email to and our team will help out!

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